File Formats


These files are quickly compressed and often loose the quality and detail.


These are usually uncompressed and gives you the opportunity to process it more.


The quality in the image will be there and its the best option for professional photographers.

DNG (Digital Negative)

You can process with Lightroom and photoshop, this is also a safer choice in the log run.


Has good image quality, it can maintain transparency which helps with logos or overlays


They are small file sizes and make it easy to post, they also include animation.


Can be used to print images and still have high quality .


you can manipulate the image very much on different layers.


Camera Modes

Automatic Mode

This mode tells your camera what the best settings are for the camera. Like the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, etc.

Portrait Mode

This mode selects a large aperture (a small number) so that you can get close to your subject and the background will be blurred leaving the subject to catch your eye.

Macro Mode

Macro mode allows you to get close up shots of your subject.

Landscape Mode

Landscape Mode sets the camera to a large aperture (a large number) this makes the details in the photos more crisp

Sports Mode

This mode attempts to freeze the moment it also increases the shutter speed.

Night Mode

Night Mode slows down the shutter speed and it also sets it to a longer shutter speed to capture small details in the background.

Movie Mode

This mode captures moving photographs it also records videos and sound.

Aperture Priority Mode  (A or AV)

This mode is a semi automatic one. It allows you to choose the aperture yourself and the camera chooses the rest of the settings for you.

Shutter Priority Mode (S or TV)

This mode allows you to select your shutter speed and the camera chooses the rest for you.

Program Mode (P)

This mode is fully automatic in some cameras but this feature allows you to have more control over your flash, white balance, ISO, etc.

Manual Mode

This mode allows you to choose everything yourself . This makes you think about your settings more and what you need to change when you photograph a specific thing.




Alternative Camera Angles

F: 2.3

ISO: 25

S: 1/2198

This picture by Newt Hinds is a cool angle to me because you can see all these buildings from above and the photo gives you an adrenaline rush. I chose this photo because it caught my eye with how high up the photographer is.

Conceptual Self Portrait

Conceptual means to relate to or connect to something or someone. So having a connection to something in a way. My photograph meaning is that I absolutely love music. This photograph also means that my music taste is open to anything and everything.  My Dr. Martens in the picture also express that I have a unique style, I would say rockabilly. This picture is also trying to express that I love listening to music out in nature. It brings me a lot of peace to just get away from the world for a bit and be in my own little bubble.

Cindy Sherman’s work and style sure is different but it catches peoples eyes. Her style of photography caught my eye because its different movie characters. It also caught my eye because sometimes the characters or people she’s dressed as look so spot on you cant tell if its her or the actual person. Her ability to get famous over ideas are neat. Not many people bring a lot of creativity into there photos like  this.

Depth of Field Explained

Depth of field is how you can focus the viewers attention on one place. People say that this control is one of the most important creative decisions a photographer can make. Depth of Field can make  your background blurry while making your subject the main focus.

How depth of field works is by changing the aperture. If you have a larger aperture you have more of a depth of field. The smaller aperture you have the more sharp your picture will be.

Shadows and Light

F: 2.3




ISO: 25



ISO: 25


The elements of the shadows in this picture are all different. Some shadows are darker and lighter than others. The subject or the person in the photo is also adding to be a darker shadow. The lighter shadows act like a highlight to the darker shadows. What really caught my eye about the photo was the vertical lines and how the subject is in the middle. Another thing that caught my eye was how the shadows are all different sizes and widths.  The subject is framed between within the vertical lines. This picture reminded me of Abbey Road by The Beatles. The contrast of the whites and blacks of the picture set a nice tone for the subject. What pops out most to me is the cigarette and the bottle.


F: 2.3

ISO: 25

S: 1/605

F: 2.3

ISO: 25

S: 1/3663

F: 2.3

ISO: 25

S: 1/674



I think this photo represents really good texture because its up close and you can see what type of texture the person is trying to photograph. This also represents good texture because you can see the pattern clearly.

I chose it because it caught my eye. It caught my eye because I like black and white photos. Another reason it caught my eye was because the texture in the photo. What also interested me was how the background is blurred and the main point is clear.

Luisette's pictures p.4

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